February 13, 2017

Church Leaders

Policies and Procedures for Becoming a Campus Coach

Thank you for considering becoming a First Priority Campus Coach. To ensure the safety of all students, First Priority needs three things from you to begin the process of becoming a campus coach, an application, background check and a pastor recommendation.


Follow this link to First Priority of America. Please do not do the background check on this website.

Background Check

Below is the background check for First Priority of North Alabama.

Pastor Recommendation

Please share First Priority with your pastor and ask him for a recommendation letter. You may email the letter of recommendation to us at info@fpnorthbama.org. Use any of the following links to help him learn more about us.
fpnorthbama.org/ for our local First Priority of North Alabama
firstpriority.club/ for First Priority of America


Every Campus Coach needs to remember:

1. That First Priority Clubs are on campus to help students share the simple message of the Gospel with their friends. If questions come up about denominational differences or cultural topics, please refrain from answering. Our focus in a First Priority club is to show and share the love of Christ, not get into a Bible study or theological debate. If a more in-depth conversation is needed, please direct the student(s) to talk with a church leader at a local church and NOT on school grounds. This applies to conversations with school faculty as well.

2. Do not take pictures or videos of students if and when you are on campus. Please do not post pictures or names of students on any social media without a signed parent release form.

3. If a student should reveal to an adult leader that they are currently hurting themselves, thinking of hurting themselves or being hurt by someone else, the adult leader must inform school leadership and the First Priority Executive Director. The leader may also contact child services to report incident. No matter how insignificant the comment may seem, it must be reported.

4. The campus coach/adult leaders should not give out their cell phone number nor take student cell numbers.

5. If a student is bullying another student in a club, it is okay for the adult leader to gently redirect the student. Leaders should not yell at or remove a student from a meeting. If a student is being disruptive, disrespectful or acting inappropriately, please speak to a teacher (preferably the faculty sponsor) or guidance counselor immediately.

6. Adult leaders should not be in a room with a student alone. There must be another adult leader or teacher with you.

7. If the club leadership encounters any kind of conflict that cannot be resolved between the two parties, contact the First Priority office for third party assistance. Even if neither party is in sin, we would like to be the third party as described in Matthew 18:16 to help resolve the situation.

8. Please do not send a student on an errand alone. If you need help unloading or loading a vehicle in a parking lot, please send an adult leader (on middle school campuses) or at least two students together (high school campuses). Passes may be required.

9. Campus coaches should not write student passes. If a student requires a pass, please have it pre-approved or have the student obtain a pass from the faculty sponsor.